What is a Will and How Does it Help You?​

A Will is a legal document wherein a Grantor (the creator of the will) specifies his or her intent regarding the distribution of their estate. A will has many other purposes, such as:  

  • Allows Grantor to determine how assets will be distributed when they pass away.
  • Allows Grantor to maintain control of which persons are considered beneficiaries and what those persons will be entitled to receive as inheritance.
  • Allows Grantor to choose to exclude certain people altogether (disinheritance).
  • Avoids conflict between children and other family who tend to fight over estate assets when the person passes away.

During our initial consultation we go through a series of questions to determine what assets will need to be probated and which do not. We also create a customized estate plan which includes tips on how to re-title certain assets to avoid probate.

We offer Will Packages for single persons or married couples, which include the most common estate planning documents that our clients normally need:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Living Will, Healthcare Surrogate, HIPAA Release
  • Power of Attorney

We can further assist with the creation of a Trust, which can be used to supplement a Will or replace it altogether.


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